Marriage is more than a physical union, it is also a spiritual, emotional union and amalgamation of two different personality traits. Marriage and Relationship is surely one of the most precious part of our life and an healthy relationship can brought paradise at your feet, hence it is always advised to have proper Matching Guna and Astrology predictions, through reading of planetary position in the birth chart indicates all about before/after marriage.

Let us see how we use astrology for marriage prediction by birth details.


•    Out of twelve houses in your birth chart, the 7th house is the main house            seen for marriage. 7th house denotes all partnerships in your life, and                  marriage is a partnership only with your spouse. The 7th house is the main        house seen for all

Major aspect of marriage.

•     Then we see 2nd house to examine the accumulation of wealth, family                 expansion, and children, which is very important for any married couple.

•      The next house seen for marriage prediction is the 4th house, the house              for  family life and family happiness.

•    The house seen for love marriage, and romance is the 5th house for                      marriage prediction.

It indicates whether the person will have love marriage or arranged           marriage with the help of family members. The relation between Lordship of 5th and 7th house and planets positioned therein indicates if the person will have a love marriage.

•    Then 8th house is seen for marriage prediction by date of birth. This denotes sex life and relationship one will have with the in-laws and if there can be an element of extra marital affairs in the relationship.

The above factors regarding marriage can be seen from horoscope in addition to many more things. But these are all technical things that only an astrologer can see about marriage from a birth chart. Now let us understand from a commoners’ viewpoint what marriage predictions using astrology means.
Marriage predictions using birth chart indicates who will be your life partner, when you will marry, whether you will have a love marriage or arranged marriage?