Matchmaking- Marriage is not as simple as just wishing it into existence. Kundli Matching or Horoscope Matching play’s vital role at the time of marriage. Hindu Scriptures consider marriage as a holy union planned even before taking birth. Marriage is also one of the most beautiful moments in the life. Everyone wants a good spouse with whom s/he can create some beautiful memories and feel happy. A happy married life can make the life wonderful and hence it is always advised to have proper matchmaking, and this is the area where actual happiness of the person lies over.
• I am in a relationship, when is the best time to get married with my partner?
• How will be my compatibility with my partner and his/her family?
• Is there any Dosha in our charts? If yes, how to handle that?
• How to strengthen bonding in our relationship with the help of Astrology and Numerology?